Campaign-based delivery of health interventions, especially in low and middle-income countries, is often limited by the lack of robust location and demographic data, needed to identify and reach highrisk target populations. If national surveys and census data are used to inform planning, there is an inherent lack of the small-area demographic depth that is needed to plan and deliver high-quality, campaign-based health interventions. For many parts of the world, demographic census data are hard to access, difficult to validate, and require special skills to analyze. Without a valid, cost-effective, and timely alternative to census data, planners can unintentionally overlook high-risk and remote populations.

Population Explorer supports iterative campaign adaptation through high-quality satellite imagery data and proprietary visualization tools, API and services.



Map opportunities

We provides instant access to unified, and consolidated demographic data via an innovative mapping interface. This allows planners at the national, sub-national, facility, or community levels to better identify and reach their intended age groups and subpopulations for any health campaign, anywhere in the world.

KML/KMZ, .shp, xls


Download your maps

Identify areas of interest, then download maps in either KML or KMZ format for use in other online mapping applications or GIS programs.

Common use cases


Facility placement

Provide administrators with time and cost-saving information before they enter the field.



Target key geographic areas where medical services are needed.


Service distribution

Increase effective medical services to remote populations, anywhere in the world.


Create your own territories

Create your own polygon, upload one from the web, or use any of our thousands of preloaded national and subnational boundaries.

Turn on heat maps

Explore the density of populations with our demographic heat map, even in remote locations.